MacKID's Picks: 5 Not-So-Spooky Events For Kids This Week

These free online events celebrate Halloween!

By Kara Murphy October 25, 2022

Kids can't get enough of Halloween? We know ours can't! We've picked out five great virtual events for kids happening this Halloween week. They're all FREE! 

All of these online Halloween events for kids require registration, so sign up now so you don't miss BOO!

1. Learn About Bats With Smithsonian Experts

Join Smithsonian Museum experts for a behind-the-scenes look at BATS! 'Tis the season! Oct. 28

2. Hear Spooky Stories at a Story Pirates Party

Eric from Story Pirates, the nationally renowned group of top comedians, musicians, best-selling authors, and incredible teachers, has been interviewing monsters, ghouls, and ghosts on our Spooky Season bonus episodes to try to choose the most fangtastic Halloween costume! What will he decide?! You'll find out at this party! And most importantly... what will YOU wear? Oct. 28

3. Giggle Through 'A Not-So-Scary Halloween'

Join in an evening of laughter, giggles, and bags of silliness for 'A Not-So-Scary Halloween! with British artist Andy Copp, who will be joined by Canadian puppeteer Robin Polfuss for this event. Bring along your art sets to draw and paint the pictures you see in your head and share with the Chalking Stories Community! You are also welcome to bring a puppet friend or soft toy along. Oct. 29

4. Celebrate the Spookiest Time of Year with R.L. Stine

Join the Goosebumps author for a special event Halloween weekend with Books of Wonder! The event will feature R. L. Stine's 30th Goosebumps Anniversary Release of Slappy, Beware! and the all-new short story collection Stinetinglers! Oct. 29

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5. Happy Halloween Storytime!

Hear fun and spooky stories about Halloween, sing songs, and get those wiggles out as you help your active child build important early learning skills with librarians from the New York Public Library! Oct. 31

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