About The Publisher: Kristen Wright Matthews

I am a local wife and mom who is extremely blessed with a loving husband and two amazing sons: a 6th grader at KIPP South Fulton Academy in East Point and a very active toddler who stays at home with me. My family relocated from Mt. Pleasant, SC (Charleston area) in 2015 and shortly thereafter received the news that we were expecting. That was scary at 41, especially after two losses, but exhilarating nonetheless. Getting my boys here was hard, but by grace they are here and I cherish each and every moment with them. Becoming a Macaroni Kid mom is the ideal role for me because I can include my kids in my lifelong passion for writing and networking.     

I am originally from Los Angeles and have a degree in Journalism from California State University, Northridge. I have spent nearly 20 years in the public relations field,  I am a published writer, and a former elementary /middle school teacher, among a plethora of other positions I've held.  I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit so clocking in and out, while great for others, isn't the best fit for me. 

My husband always says as a mom, I am so "extra." I am so excited to take on this new opportunity with Macaroni Kid because it incorporates everything I love - my family and my career - and I get to share my"extra-ness" with others who enjoy entertaining their kids.  

Anyway,  HAVE SOME FUN WITH ME AND MY FAMILY! We do a lot of Giveaways! 

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