We've Reached the End of the Road

A Bittersweet Goodbye from Kristen Wright Matthews

By Kristen Wright Matthews December 31, 2021


I have been your publisher since December 2017. It has been an incredible journey, but the road has ended. First and foremost, I have relocated from the immediate area, making it challenging to manage my Macaroni Kid business. Additionally, I have decided it is the time for me to focus on personal goals and philanthropic efforts with my family. As many of you might know, my oldest son C.J. is a Giving Tuesday youth leader and is very involved in service and contributing to the global generosity movement. My little one, who is now six years old, has also recently accepted a Giving Tuesday Spark leader role. So now I not only have one young changemakers projects to support but two. 

In November, we published our first book, "And Then There Was One: A Story to Help Kids Cope with Grief and Loss," In December, we received the tax exemption status for our nonprofit, Blankies 4 My Buddies. We have been swamped preparing to launch a new subscription box called The Blanket Box Project, a social enterprise that aims to provide free blankets to kids dealing with hard situations while empowering future young changemakers. Blanket boxes include materials to make one blanket to keep and one to give to someone in need. As you see, I have my hands full. 

Macaroni Kid and you will always have a special place in my heart, but I have big plans to make a difference beyond our little pocket in metro Atlanta. I would love to stay in touch with any and all of you and encourage you to retain my contact information or sign up to receive updates from B4MB. One thing that will not change is my love for children and families, and when the time comes, I will resume hosting family-friendly events and experiences to further my work in the community. My forwarding email address is I will also continue to contribute to South Fulton Lifestyle Magazine

If any of you are interested in taking my place as the new publisher, Macaroni Kid is a great company with lots of opportunities to grow and connect with other great women around the country. We are the largest family-focused digital media and advertising company in the U.S.!

I will miss you,