Innovative New Drink Gives Super Moms the Hydration We Need

Hydrant Products is where water meets wellness

By Kristen Wright Matthews, Editor & Publisher, Macaroni KID College Park * East Point * Morrow September 3, 2021

I am a little ashamed to admit it, but as a busy mom of two very active boys, sometimes I don’t drink as much water as I would like to. I make it a habit to have a new bottle of water next to my bed every night, and before I step a foot out of my bed, I drink it down. But let’s be honest, when the day kicks into high gear with all of the drop-offs and pick-ups and everything in between, some of us are lucky if we get a chance to eat, drink, or even pee.

When I learned about Hydrant products, I was so excited to discover that each product was designed to hydrate you faster than water alone. Think of it like a pre-check at the airport, but for your body. Developed by an Oxford scientist, the company makes a range of science-backed wellness products focused on hydration, daily performance, and mental wellbeing. Products include: HYDRATE (hydration), ENERGY (hydration + 100mg of caffeine), IMMUNITY (hydration + 1100mg of vitamin C) and SLEEP (hydration + melatonin). 

My new favorite is HYDRATE, an innovative and refreshing blend of electrolytes and real fruit juice powder designed to help you achieve the hydration you need. With 3x the electrolytes of a sports drink, it is the helping hand I need to get hydrated quickly and efficiently. I’m not too fond of sports drinks because they have a heavy and syrupy flavor, so I was a little reluctant to try another. To my surprise, HYDRATE has a very subtle flavor. The packet blends easily and quickly and is mildly sweet. It still tastes like water with just a hint of flavor, unlike other drinks I’ve tried.  

It has no artificial sweeteners or stevia, no synthetic colors, and is made with real fruit juice powder. HYDRATE comes in a rainbow of flavors that most moms love, and most importantly, all Hydrant HYDRATE products have 25 calories or less and 4g of sugar or less. 

What flavors does HYDRATE offer? *

Blood Orange
Orange Mango
Fruit Punch
Iced Tea Lemonade
Lemon Lime
Peach Iced Tea (Limited Edition)
Raspberry Iced Tea (Limited Edition)

* Hydrant’s HYDRATE Original line products contain 25 calories or less and 4g of sugar or less.

Hydrant’s HYDRATE No Added Sugar line products have 10 calories and 2g of carbs and come in Lemonade, Watermelonade, and Pink Grapefruit.

These products are so refreshing and great for workouts, hot weather, travel, or after drinking alcohol. I like to take a bottle along when I can get out for a morning walk. It keeps me feeling refreshed and full of energy while I’m out and throughout the day.

Hydrant products are available in a 12-pack at CVS for $13.99, and there is currently a $4 cash back offer on Ibotta. 

Special Offer for Macaroni KID readers: Purchase directly from and save 20% on a one-time purchase valued at $30 or more (not valid on subscription orders). The discount will be applied automatically at checkout.



Disclosure: I received compensation for this article, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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