Spring Break Savings at Medieval Times Atlanta

By Becky Samford - Macaroni Kid Duluth Publisher March 16, 2018

We are so fortunate to have one of the nine Medieval Times North American Castles in our area. This outstanding show featuring chivalry, rivalry, & revelry is truly family entertainment at its finest!

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament recreates an 11th-century tournament where you are the royal guests. Your knight will fight for you in the 1100-seat indoor arena while you are served a four-course feast throughout the two-hour live show. Watch Andalusian stallions perform, the King’s own falcon fly and six knights battle for the championship.

The show at the Atlanta castle was updated about two years ago with new, exciting music, beautiful costumes, dramatic lighting, more fighting and of course, more horses! The magnificent stallions are the real stars of the show. The Pure Spanish Horse was prized by medieval royalty for its astonishing strength, agility, and even temperament. Their performance is one of the highlights of the show.

Guests are encouraged to cheer for one of six Knights of the Realm, named after historic regions of medieval Spain. They engage in live jousting and sword fights with authentic weaponry and enhanced armor, providing non-stop action tied to the tempo of the music. There’s a general theme of good versus evil throughout the show filled with fight scenes that maintain the highest quality of action-packed entertainment and safety standards. 

Included in the price of the show is a 4 course, utensil-free meal. This is served during the show, so you are entertained as you eat and never feel as though you are waiting. The waiters are terrific! They are very efficient and remain in character, answering every request with "Yes, my Lord", or "as My Lady wishes". The menu includes pureed tomato soup, garlic bread, roasted chicken half, BBQ rib, half a potato, & an apple pastry along with beverages. (A vegetarian option is also available) The portions are large and the kids love eating with their fingers. Don't worry, they even provide warm wet-wipes after the meal to clean up messy hands and faces!

This show provides heart-pounding entertainment, lots of crowd participation as you cheer for your favorite knight, gorgeous horses, brave knights, royal pageantry and a feast "fit for a king"! It's always a memorable evening. 

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament has a special Spring Break discount you can use right now by logging on to the website and entering promo code: SB18 (Adults $38.95, Kids & Students $30.95)  The student pricing is available to all students, including those in college.

On select dates in March and April they will also be holding Junior Knight Training:

March Junior Knight Training Schedule 

April Junior Knight Training Schedule 

Junior knight training is a fun and interactive experience for kids ages 5-12. Kids get in the sand with our knights and squires and learn some of the sword fighting techniques used during the show! *closed-toe shoes are required to participate*